Soccer Star is the original fantasy football Play-By-Mail (PBM) game, established and professionally run since 1986. Soccer Star is now a fully Play-By-Email game of Soccer management - you receive your reports by email, in HTML format, so that you can view them on your PC screen.

Soccer Star features lengthy, professional quality match reports with turn fees as low as 25 pence per week. Standard first team is just £1.40 with discounts for extra teams.

We have thousands of existing Soccer Star members and you can chat or arrange transfers with all of them, in any of our leagues. Addictive fantasy football game system, thoroughly tested by 1000’s of players and upgraded constantly. Fantasy football squads : design your own players, ground, staff etc.

All the features you’d expect from a top-quality fantasy football Play-by-Email game. Cup competitions, injuries, over 50 ratings per player with an accuracy of 0.1% per rating, contracts & wage problems, discipline, individual match tactics for players plus the whole team, youth squad, 10 types of specialist trainers, weekly training regime, full match reports, standard transfer market, auction market and more.


To join Soccer Star just contact us at: ,leaving your contact email address.

Players who played Soccer Star in the past may have played under Pace Games, DMW Games, Sherwood Games, Jag Games or others. These companies no longer exist and the game is now fully controlled by Trident Games.